The bio-cellulose contains high amount of water, providing excellent skin-friendliness and comfort, and can effectively reduce the allergic reaction, and hence is widely used in the mask and cleansing products.The products of the bio-cellulose are composed of nano-structure of 20 nm or smaller, which can be truly attached to the facial skin to reach the depth of skin grooves and channel the essence into the skin tissue. Lotion cosmetics which add bio-cellulose can make the cleanser fine and smooth to have the effect of deep cleaning and rendering the skin bright and transparent.

The bio-cellulose dressing is composed by a thin membrane process comprising fermentation synthesis of bacterual cellulose by acetic acid bacteria. It can form an ideal protective layer covering the wound in accordance to its characteristics.
With a permeability function, the bio-cellulose dressing allows air and moisture passing through without letting fluid penetrate and stay to retain the wound proper humidity; in addition, it has the effect of resistance to bacteria for isolation of microbial. The bio-cellulose dressing has the properties of good toughness and good skin friendliness, and can be naturally attached to the wound to reducing the pain of dressing. It has excellent stability as a dressing.

Bio-cellulose is used as an additive in the industrial field.Adding bio-cellulose in polyurethane (PU) can increase its tensile strength and materialperformance.
The addition of bio-cellulose can significantly improve the mechanical performances of cement-based composites. Further, adding a certain percentage of bacterial cellulose may increase flexural and compressive strengths of cement material by 20% and 8%, respectively.

Modified products can be used as slow-release materials to increase absorption of plants and crops.


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