Bio-Cellulose membrane

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Agricultural material

Agricultural material

This is the usage of Bio-Cellulose membranes for agricultural use and development.
The modified products utilizing the absorption and release features of the membrane can be used as slow release materials to increase the absorption of plants and crops. It can significantly improve the crop quality and quantity.

Enhance water saturation of the crops
It can significantly improve the crop quality and quantity by making good use of the Bio-Cellulose membrane material.
After the Bio-Cellulose membrane is dispersed, the mixed liquid fertilizer is sprayed on the soil surface of the crop. Because of the characteristics of the membrane, the water retention rate is high so that the number of water irrigations can be reduced; in addition, the liquid fertilizer is not easy to be lost and can be released by the bio-cellulose fibers into the soil.
Increasing the flower and cash crop production

Adding the release material by pouring the surface of the fruit trees results in faster flowering, the degree of blossom is more obvious, and the number of flowering pots is 60 ~ 100%. As for the control group, the degree of blossom is not obvious and the number of flowering pots is 50%.

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