Bio-Cellulose membrane

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Bio-Cellulose wound dressing

The bio-cellulose dressing is composed by a thin membrane process comprising fermentation synthesis of bacterual cellulose by acetic acid bacteria. It can form an ideal protective layer covering the wound in accordance to its characteristics.

High permeability, high resistance of bacteria

With a permeability function, the bio-cellulose dressingallows air and moisturepassing through without letting fluid penetrate and stay to retain the wound proper humidity; in addition, it has the effect of resistance to bacteria for isolation of microbial. It can be tightly attached to the wound; and with the high strength of absorption, it is able to absorb the wound exudate and forms a layer of gel which retains the wound surface moist to help wound healing and avoid secondary injury to the wound.
High skin-friendliness, effectively soothing discomfort

The bio-cellulose dressing has the properties of good toughness and good skin friendliness,no smell, and no residual pollution of the skin or clothing.
It can effectively improve the adverse effects of difficulty of removing, inducing skin allergies, hard to be cleaned and other shortcomings of traditional drug patches. Meanwhile, it also has the moisturizing, calm, cool and other effects.

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