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Absorption enhancer condensed ingots

The liquid transdermal absorption enhancer is granulated using freeze-drying techniques.The physical structure and molecular structure of thecondensed ingot, which is mainly composed of single-strained bacterual cellulose, is very small, and its structure and appearance are well preserved.

The stability of the product is high and the product is not easy to degenerate.
It has excellent rehydration and perfect structure, which is an excellent choice for skin care
For the use of medical materials, it can serve as a high-end dressing.
Since the drying process is carried out at a very low temperature and is substantially isolated from the air, it effectively inhibits the biological, chemical or physical changes in the heat-sensitive substances, and preserves the active substances in the raw materials as well as the colors of the raw materials.
In the vacuum freeze-drying process, there is no surface hardening problem. A porous sponge-like structure is formed inside the cellulose, and thus the cellulose has excellent rehydration, which can be restored in a short time to the state prior to being dried.
High efficient importing and convenience of usage

The Absorption enhancer condensed ingots can be used alone. It only requires adding the essence or make-up water for rehydration and its nano-structure can efficiently channel the effective ingredients for the skin to absorb.
Customized maintenance is natural without burden

It can be processed to add all kinds of formula such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and so on. The transdermal absorption enhancer condensed ingot still retains the perfect structure and high absorption effect. It does not contain any added preservative and hence does not cause burdens to the skin. It is lightweight and easy to carry and preserve. Therefore, the transdermal enhancer condensed ingot becomes a more excellent maintenance product of a new generation.

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