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Transdermal absorption enhancer

Transdermal absorption enhanceris synthesized by the bacterual cellulosefermented byacetatebacteria, and being nanoized. Its main component is single strain bacterial cellulose. Transdermal absorption enhancer can be added to cosmetics and skin care products to enhance importing of active ingredients by utilization of the excellent transdermal absorption effect.

High penetration can aid good absorption of the skin.
It can overcome the resistance of the stratum corneum to improve the percutaneous absorption of active ingredients,
For the use of medical materials, it can serve as a high-end dressing.
The smaller the effective ingredient size within the cosmetic, the better the effect of the body's absorption.
The dissolution rate of the active ingredient increases with the increase of the surface area of the corresponding carrier. The single strain bacteria bio-cellulose as a carrier has a large specific surface area, porous structure, and strong mutual penetration with other substances so as to improve the percutaneous absorption of the active ingredient by diffusion and dissolution of the active ingredient.
Natural additives with excellent import effect

By adopting single strain bacterial cellulose as the main component , it has a high development potential for its biocompatibility, adaptability and good biodegradability, as well as its excellent performance in promoting percutaneous absorption. Adding transdermal absorption enhancer to the essence products can effectively enhance the moisture and extend the moisturizing time, and theingredients of essence can reach the bottom of the skin. Adding it to the cleaningproducts can achieve effective cleaning by utilizing its structural characteristics for reaching deep into the pores. In addition, it is mild without stimulating.

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