|About us|

EvoPhancie Biotech Inc. was founded in August, 2013.
In the era of knowledge economicsoutbreak, only companies havingrobust R & D strength and patented technology can cut a striking figure in the market.Our company is committed to the research and development of"bio-cellulose" related applications, especially in medical dressing and mask application and other related fields.

The establishment of a sincere enterprise of "sustainable business, the benefit of the crowd," is our consistent aim.
Sharing the "bio-cellulose" for a wide range of diverse applicationsin human life is HARVEST BELLE BIOTECH 's starting point, and is especially is our ultimate goal.

|Company overview|

Business content research and development of "bio-cellulose" related applications.
Patents Invention patent No. I537013 of Republic of China.
Invention patent No. M479731 of Republic of China.
Utility model patent No. ZL201320725274.8 of People 's Republic of China in 2014.
Japanese Patent Application - Biological fiber composite dressings, No. 6059264.
U.S. Patent Application - Biological fiber composite dressings (Application No. 14 / 812.192).
European Patent Application - Biological fiber composite dressings (Application No. 15178915.3).


EvoPhancie Biotech not only providesour clients with a variety of bio-cellulose material services,
but also welcomes a variety of marketing proposals or ideas.
Whenever you have wonderful excellent products or services and would like to cooperate with us,